Is Professional Floor Staining Worth It?

Sometimes a floor needs an upgrade, and this can mean many different things. Sanding uneven spots, restoring damaged areas, and even installing an entirely new floor are all possibilities that homeowners can choose. Colouring a floor is one of the most common processes a homeowner may want to undertake. Changing the colour of flooring can […]

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Is Minor Floor Repair a Good Long-Term Investment?

Most people take pride in their home’s appearance. But while certain aspects of an individual’s residence may be given a large amount of attention, others are sometimes neglected – flooring is a great example of the latter. It’s easy to put off getting floor repair until the problem is no longer tolerable. But sometimes minor […]

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White Washed Floors: A Unique Way to Be On-Trend

Part of designing a home, and updating it throughout the years, involves examining the trends and advances in modern homes as time passes. Homeowners have the chance to remain with their own tastes or to incorporate design elements that bring in the year’s trends. Sometimes these trends don’t appeal to the homeowner, but often, they’re […]

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Restoring Wood Floors in an Old Home

Many homeowners dream of living in an older home, one complete with stories of times past and the design to reflect it. But these homes bring challenges with them, from appliances that haven’t been updated to damaged foundations and other original materials. These homes typically have wooden floors, and restoring these floors can be key […]

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How Stair Overlays Can Change the Look of a Home

Many people move into homes and decorate according to the pieces they already have. They also design their homes around what the new one has to offer. For example, if the new home’s countertops are dark grey, that existing choice might dictate the type of décor in the kitchen. But there are many aspects in […]

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How a Deck Can Make the Summer Season Great

The home’s backyard is the perfect place to centre summer activities. Instead of staying inside, the summer season is the perfect time to enjoy the outdoors, and most homeowners can do that right in their own backyards. But what about the backyard itself? Many find their areas aren’t well kept over the years, and they […]

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