About the owner

Personal Dedication

I am a 4th generation Woodworker and am passionate about timber. I am committed to ongoing education in my field, always on the lookout for the newest innovations in the industry.

I have dedicated myself to learning as much as there is to know about the materials, methods and products that I work with, giving me a deeper understanding of how small changes can affect the overall outcome of a particular project. Various types of wood require different treatment to bring out the true natural beauty of the timber.

Always on the lookout for the newest innovations in the industry

Professional Experience

I have been working in the timber flooring industry for over 15 years. In 2009, I was inspired to go into business for myself, having discovered a niche in the Sydney market to cater for a more discerning clientele.

Ongoing Commitment to Excellence

I continue to educate myself constantly as new innovations in the industry are uncovered. Over the years, I have accrued a wealth of experience on the job covering a variety of timber species and how to work with them most effectively.

I have a keen eye for design and understand how a floor can complement or contrast with the other elements of a particular space. I can guide and advise my clients in how best to proceed in order to give their space the appearance and feel that they have in mind.

I am dedicated to my clients’ satisfaction in all areas, from the initial planning stages, to the installation itself, and to the clean-up and follow-through once the work is complete. Call, email or text me for more information about my services and to set up a consultation.