White Washing Services

For a fresh, light and on-trend look Whitewashed floors are a great option. Whitewashing is a less abrasive alternative to the traditional spirit based stains. By applying a Water-based stain directly to the timber, white washing allows for greater customisation when it comes to colour. You can go for a crisp white, keep it soft with an off-white shade, or bring a touch of coolness with a pale grey colour.

We customise the colour to have full control over how the final application turns out. I can create a white wash shade to perfectly complement your surroundings, whether you prefer a Scandinavian look, beachy feel or a milky modern style.

Our Service

Our commitment to excellence doesn’t just extend to our workmanship and the quality of the materials we select. Our professionals only use the highest quality floor sanding tools and equipment and are experienced in handling all types of white wash flooring and finishes.

Before we commence any work, the time will be taken to work with you to fully understand exactly what you are looking for so that we can deliver in accordance with your expectations. All aspects of the pricing will be discussed before we begin and will outline all expenses. Samples can be supplied before any work is started to ensure your expectations are met.

When required, 3D models can be produced using computer software so you can visualise your completed project.

To discuss your vision and obligation free quote, call, email or text us and we will set up a time for a consultation that works best for you.