Restoring Wood Floors in an Old Home

Many homeowners dream of living in an older home, one complete with stories of times past and the design to reflect it. But these homes bring challenges with them, from appliances that haven’t been updated to damaged foundations and other original materials.

These homes typically have wooden floors, and restoring these floors can be key to returning these older homes to their former glory. If done well, a floor restoration can make the floors the centrepiece of the home, solidifying the home’s status as an heirloom.

Here’s how the restoration of wooden floors can complete the look of an older home.


Evaluation of the Wood Floors

First, as with any job, the floors must be evaluated. In old homes, the floors can need simple updates, like a renewed stain, or they can need complete replacement. Ideally, the original wood will be used in order to retain the history of the home.

Experts can examine the flooring and determine the type of wood that was used and its current structural integrity, as well as any damaged planks or sections. They can then determine the best course of action.


Planning the Job

This part of the process involves meeting with the homeowner and conveying expert recommendations. The two can discuss the goals the homeowner has for the home’s overall flooring look and options for reaching those goals. For example, the floor may only need significant sanding, sealing, and staining, but it may also need replacement altogether. Making a plan at this stage is crucial to getting the job done.


Complete Restoration

Finishing a restoration of wooden floors brings an older home back to its former brilliance. A floor updated to withstand the current family’s use of it but retaining its older look serves as a home’s shining feature. It can make all the difference in how the home appeals to its history and roots, and it’s perfect for the family who wants to honour that history.

If they aren’t sure where to begin with updating their older home, homeowners can start by contacting Get Wood Flooring today. Experts there will help make a plan for bringing their home back to its best looks!