Is Professional Floor Staining Worth It?

Sometimes a floor needs an upgrade, and this can mean many different things. Sanding uneven spots, restoring damaged areas, and even installing an entirely new floor are all possibilities that homeowners can choose.

Colouring a floor is one of the most common processes a homeowner may want to undertake. Changing the colour of flooring can give a room an entirely new feel, and it can also complement a new design scheme.

But when it comes to changing the colour of a floor, there are certain procedures that work better than others. Instead of choosing a simple paint job, many homeowners opt for staining. Staining allows a colouring to add to the look of a floor without taking anything away.

What Makes Staining Different from Painting

Changing the colour of a floor can drastically alter its appearance for the better. But one of the most popular characteristics of a floor other than colour is texture – and the way flooring is coloured can affect its texture greatly.

Certain types of colouring procedures can rob a floor of its delicate texture. Natural wood grain patterns can be covered up, and the result can be a bland appearance.

But professional floor staining techniques allow the colour of a floor to be changed while preserving the contours and unique aspects that make it special. Flooring that is stained by professional companies can provide the best of both worlds from an aesthetic perspective.

Is Floor Staining a Complicated Process?

Floor staining can do a lot for the appearance of a room, and this process can be handled in three simple steps. First, the floor is sanded to remove sealer and better-expose the grain pattern. It is stained by hand and finally a new sealer is applied to preserve the colour.

This process is quite simple for the results it can provide. This makes opting for staining a better all-around choice than simply opting to paint a floor or colour it in other ways.

Getting Started with Professional Floor Staining

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