How Stair Overlays Can Change the Look of a Home

Many people move into homes and decorate according to the pieces they already have. They also design their homes around what the new one has to offer. For example, if the new home’s countertops are dark grey, that existing choice might dictate the type of décor in the kitchen.

But there are many aspects in a home that can be changed. A new homeowner doesn’t have to stick with what they end up with after buying the home—even simple changes can update a home in major ways.

Stair overlays are one of these changes. Here’s how they work and how they can impact a home.


Stair Overlays: The Basics

Essentially, stair overlays are perfect for the homeowner who wants a different type of flooring on their stairs without rebuilding the entire structure. Professional flooring experts can remove carpet, the most common material, from stairs, revealing the concrete or particleboard underneath. Then, they can replace it with timber.

This gives it the appearance of being built as a wooden staircase, but it also will have the foundation of solid concrete for reliability.


How a Stair Overlay Changes the Home

Carpet can make a home look older, especially when it is found on staircases. It can also retain stains and dirt more easily, leading to difficult deep-cleaning projects. It’s one of the more common choices for staircases, though, and that’s just what makes a change from carpet to timber that much more striking.

A timber overlay helps a homeowner create the look of living in a newer home. It leads to a cleaner design with more defined lines, and the stain colour chosen for the timber can tie into other wooden elements in the home.

Overall, stair overlays lead to better design in a home. They are an easy way to update the home and make it feel crisp and on-trend.

For the homeowner who wants a unique upgrade for their home, contacting Get Wood Flooring is the first step! They can help get a stair overlay plan started for each home and its design plan.