White Washed Floors: A Unique Way to Be On-Trend

Part of designing a home, and updating it throughout the years, involves examining the trends and advances in modern homes as time passes. Homeowners have the chance to remain with their own tastes or to incorporate design elements that bring in the year’s trends. Sometimes these trends don’t appeal to the homeowner, but often, they’re admired.

One popular trend nowadays is the colour white. From cabinets to bookshelves and wall paint, white homes are everywhere. Including a lot of white in the home makes it feel clean, open, and comfortable. Additionally, any accent colour can be included, and décor can be easily adapted throughout the seasons.

Sometimes, all it takes is incorporating a trend in one bold way for the home to feel as if a large-scale renovation has been completed. This is where white washed floors come in. Here’s how the process works.


Creating a White Washed Wood Floor

Many stains are fairly abrasive to the wood each homeowner chooses for their flooring, but with white washing, that is not the case. The water-based stain is applied directly to the wood, but it does not have the same effects on it that regular, dark stains would.

This also allows for customization. Just as painting walls white means that the colour could range anywhere from stark white to pale grey, so also could white washed floors be bright white, off-white, ivory, or grey. Because of this customization, a specific stain can be created to match the colors already present in the home.


Changes in the Home

After the floors have been white washed, the home will seem very different. But this allows the homeowner to incorporate more fun design changes. For example, a beach look could become the driving theme for the home or for a particular room. Perhaps the floor could be the starting point for creating a farmhouse industrial design, complete with other wood accents.

To get started incorporating this design trend, homeowners can contact Get Wood Flooring today to start the process and make a wonderful change to their homes.