Hardwood Floor Sander: How to Ensure Your Floors will Look Good as New

In Sydney and surrounding areas, there are many old homes that have unforgettable stories to tell. However, through the years the old age manifests through old-looking wood floors. That’s where a hardwood floor sander can help.

What is hardwood floor sanding?

By the way, what is hardwood floor sanding? It’s also called floor polishing and the goal is to restore old wood floors into their original lustre.

It starts by removing (sanding off) the existing coating and the top fine layer of the wood floor. The objective here is to remove the scratches and flatten out the uneven areas. Next is a new layer of sealant is applied on the top.

It’s removing the old to give way for the new. It sounds like an easy process overall. However, there are nuances and professional touches needed to make sure your wood floors will look as good as new.

Professional floor sanding services: what to look for

It’s a simple process when you discuss floor sanding. But the details can be complicated. That’s because there are many different wood materials and coatings available.

In addition, the goal is to restore the original lustre of the wood floors. This will require an extensive knowledge about timber, solvent-based finishes and coatings.

Many clients are also becoming aware about the possible health effects of coatings. That’s why you need to choose a team of professionals with knowledge about VOC-free water-based coatings. This is important both in private homes and commercial areas.

Choosing a qualified hardwood floor sander in Sydney

Those are some of the things you need to look for when you need hardwood floor sanding services for your home or commercial place.

Experience plays a huge part in professional floor sanding. That’s because there are many details and considerations to take note. Different practices, materials and standards exist that can vary among one floor to the next.

This is important because restoring your wood floors can give a fresh look to your home. If the service is top notch, you’re sure your floors will look as good as new.

That’s why our team (with over 15 years of experience) take floor sanding and restoration seriously. The floors can actually make or break the appearance of a home. We understand that so we ensure only the best results for each project we take.

If you need hardwood floor sanding services, you can contact us today.