Wood Flooring Specialists in Sydney: 3 Questions to Ask Them

Need wood flooring specialists for your new floor installation or restoration? Well, these professionals have already gained extensive experience through their work. It’s also likely they’ve worked on several residential and commercial projects.

You can let them do all the work and have peace of mind. However, you still need to ask them a few questions. These experienced professionals are happy to answer any enquiries you might have during the whole project.

Why ask questions? One reason is you want to get the most out of their service. In addition, you want to learn more about how to maintain your wood floors.

To start, you can begin with these 3 questions you can ask to the wood flooring specialists you hire:

1. Do you use eco-friendly coatings?

More and more Australians now are becoming environment-conscious. In everything, they want to make sure they’re helping the environment in any way they can.

Even in the flooring, many families now dig a bit deeper on what materials and finishes were used (maybe they chose wood flooring in the first place because it’s renewable). For instance, the finishes and coatings can contain volatile organic compounds or VOCs.

Aside from environmental effects, these VOCs can have negative health effects to humans. These VOCs can greatly affect the indoor air quality, which can lead to irritation of eye, nose and throat. These can also result to headaches and nausea.

Thankfully, there are VOC-free coatings that wood floor experts use. At the beginning, it’s good to ask them if they offer the option.

2. What should I expect in the finished project?

There’s often a gap between reality and expectations. You imagine something but when the project’s finished, it’s entirely something else.

That’s where accurate 3D models can help. There are now wood floor experts who utilise computer software for project visualisation. This can help homeowners and other clients with seeing the final project.

This way, there will be no surprises. Clients can see what’s the floor going to look like. Their expectations will be aligned with the reality (the finished project). Also, clients can request for changes early on before moving on with the floor installation or restoration.

3. Will the floor somehow be soundproof? What about the pets?

These are everyday concerns from many families and even commercial establishments.

Will it make noise that can be heard even next door? Should the floor be quiet even someone’s walking on it back and forth? This is important to families and neighbourhoods who value the peace and quiet.

The pets and their claws can cause scratches on the floors. One way to prevent this is by trimming the nails of your pets. You can also ask the wood floor experts for other options.

Wood flooring specialists: Ask them questions

There you have it. Experienced professionals can handle the whole job without much of your participation. However, it’s still best to learn more so you get the best value out of the service.

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