Floor Sanding and Polishing for a Beautiful Home

There is nothing quite like walking into a home with beautiful wood floors. There is an unmatched elegance in these types of floors that adds a feeling of comfort and charm to a space not provided by other designs. Wood floors can prove to be well worth the resources and time required in upkeep and care, and when homeowners partner with a professional who understands floor sanding and polishing, there is an added level of protection available as well.

Floor Sanding Basics

  • Sanding: During the first part of the process, an expert in floor sanding in Sydney will sand off the existing coating of the floor. This allows for dents and scratches to be removed, as well as any uneven areas to be flattened. A thorough smoothing allows for a fresh surface to be present before moving onto the next step.
  • Sealant: After sanding and smoothing, the floor sanding and polishing professional will move onto applying a new coating of sealant to the surface. This allows for a beautiful finish to come through, as well as provide an extra layer of protection from the impact of everyday use, stains, and damage. A knowledgeable floor sanding and polishing company will possess the skills required to apply sealant safely and efficiently.
  • Sheen: There are different levels of sheen which will come through on wooden floors, depending on the type of sealant which is applied. A matte sheen is more soft and natural-looking, while a high gloss provides more of a shiny appearance. The decision regarding what type of sheen to use should be made between the homeowner and a company specialising in floor sanding in Sydney.

An investment in something as superior as a timber wood floor is worthwhile and also requires a unique attention-to-detail in cleaning and maintenance. Time and normal use can make a floor look and feel old, but there are practical solutions to keeping them looking fresh and new.

The experts at Get Wood Flooring have the knowledge required to take care of floor sanding and polishing for beautiful homes, commercial areas, and large public spaces. Using the most innovative tools and the best finishes and oils, they can tailor packages in order to meet the needs and requirements of each customer, no matter how big or small the job. Homeowners can make contact today for more information on repair, installation, and quality floor sanding in Sydney.